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🧪Combining Smart Money & Retail Concepts


At SmartTradingLab we combine Smart Money & Retail Trading Concepts to create the BEST results.

Why choose between one, when we don’t really know the true algorithm behind the market, it’s all just theories. Instead use both to acquire an edge in the market.

We are the first platform to make this mainstream and we intend to show you the true way to view the markets.


Meet Your Instructor

Dylan Chipolina
(Strada Forex)


I began experimenting and playing around with the forex market around 7 years ago.


This was prior to all the social media hype regarding trading. The reason I choose trading was because of the freedom.


I actually spent a few years learning on and off before I decided to take it seriously.


A few years back the knowledge you could find online was limited and rare...


I didn't know all the negatives that also came with trading.


It definitely took a lot of trial and experimentation, it was learning from my mistakes that made me who I am today.


From my experience, if i'm being realistic even after trading for 1-2+ years you still may not see much growth on your account during the early stages.

It's like anything in life, you don't study or learn to become a doctor in a year expecting to be the best.


My aim is to bring you all the knowledge I can and give you everything you need to be successful in the markets, all in one place!


This will help fast track your progress with both technical analysis and trading psychology.


I have a lot to share so get ready because we are going to the next level! 📈



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Everything you need to know to become a successful trader from basic to advanced in recorded video content.

Access to Live Webinars or Educational Videos will be uploaded (chart analysis, Q&A, market preparation, Support)

A like-minded community of beginner and successful traders that can help eachother reach their goals in the market. Here is where you can get help from Strada or the team.

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